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COver of Science Magazine

Mar 24, 2023

Our latest results from an ongoing collaboration with the Talapin group at the University of Chicago was published today in the journal Science. We also made the cover!!! Congratulations Francisco!

Thermo Fisher Helios 5CX

Mar, 21 2023

We organized a 2-day workshop that celebrated the arrival of a state-of-the-art FIB/SEM at the UIC’s Research Resources Center Electron Microscopy Core (EMC). The dual-beam instrument, a ThermoFisher Helios 5 CX, was purchased…


September, 28 2022

The National Science Foundation funds the world’s first aberration-corrected, monochromated, magnetic-field-free scanning transmission electron microscopy. The JEOL Z200MF-MONO will be installed at UIC in late 2024 in the newly renovated Center for Structural…

Feb 2, 2018

Xuan’s paper has been chosen as an Editors’ Suggestion and was highlighted in Physics as a Focus Story.

Feb 2, 2018

Xuan’s paper on mapping thermal expansion coefficient using EELS has been published in Phys Rev Letts. Congratulations!

Feb 2, 2018

UIC News report on nanoscale thermometry paper by Xuan Hu.

July 12, 2018

Liang has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulation Dr. Hong!!

August 1, 2018

Jake paper on vibrational spectroscopy of water is published by Advanced Materials. Congratulations!!

August 5, 2018

We are all on our way to Baltimore to attend the annular Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting.