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List of Publications in 2016

  1. “Nanostructured transition metal dichalcogenide electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction in ionic liquid,” M. Asadi, K. Kim, C. Liu, A.V. Addepalli, P. Abbasi, P. Yasaei, P.J. Phillips, A. Behranginia, J.M. Cerrato, R. Haasch, P. Zapol, B. Kumar, F. Klie, J.T. Abiade, L.A. Curtiss, A. Salehi-Khojin, A., Science 2016, 353 (6298), 467-470 (2016)
  2. “Atomic and electronic structure of Ti substitution in Ca3Co4O9,” X. Hu, P.J. Phillips, D. Mazumdar, J.C. Idrobo, S. Kolesnik, A. Gupta, S. Ogut, and F. Klie, Journal of Applied Physics, 120(20), 205105 (2016)
  3. “Dynamic Study of Liquid Drop Impact on Supercooled Cerium Dioxide: Anti-Icing Behavior,”P. Fu, R.P. Sahu, E. Diaz, J.R. Robles, C. Chen, X. Rui, R.F. Klie, A.L. Yarin, and J.T. Abiade, Langmuir, 32(24), 6148-6162 (2016)
  4. “Precise In Situ Modulation of Local Liquid Chemistry via Electron Irradiation in Nanoreactors Based on Graphene Liquid Cells,” C. Wang, T. Shokuhfar and F .Klie, Advanced Materials, 28(35), 7716 (2016)
  5. “Atomic-Scale Structural and Chemical Study of Columnar and Multilayer Re-Ni Electrodeposited Thermal Barrier Coating,” S.J. Baik, A. Duhin, P.J. Phillips,F. Klie, E. Gileadi, S.N. Seidman, N. Eliaz, Advanced Engineering Materials, 18(7), 1133-1144 (2016)
  6. “Integration of BiFeO3/La7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures with III-V semiconductors for low-power non-volatile memory and multiferroic field effect transistors,” M.S. Rahman, S. Ghose, L. Hong, P. Dhungana, A. Fahami, J.R. Gatabi, J.S. Rojas-Ramirez, A. Zakhidov, R.F. Klie, R.K. Pandey, and R. Droopad, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(43), 10386-10394 (2016)
  7. “Atomic and electronic structure of Lomer dislocations at CdTe bicrystal interface,” C. Sun, T. Paulauskas, F.G. Sen, G.D. Lian, J.G. Wang, JC. Buurma, M.K.Y. Chan, F. Klie, M. Kim, Scientific Reports, 6, 27009 (2016)
  8. “Simultaneous First-Order Valence and Oxygen Vacancy Order/Disorder Transitions in (Pr85Y0.15)0.7Ca0.3CoO3δ via Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy,” A. Gulec, D. Phelan, C. Leighton, and R.F. Klie, ACS Nano, 10(1), 938 (2016)
  9. “Artificial Dense Granules: A Procoagulant Liposomal Formulation Modeled after Platelet Polyphosphate Storage Pools,”J. Donovan, J. Kalkowski, M. Szyrnusiak, C.H. Wang, S.A. Smith, R.F. Klie, J.H. Morrissey, and Y. Liu, Biomacromolecules, 17(8), 2572-2581 (2016)
  10. “Ultrafast and Highly Reversible Sodium Storage in Zinc-Antimony Intermetallic Nanomaterials,” A.M. Nie, L.Y. Gan, Y.C. Cheng, X.Y. Tao, Y. Yuan, Y., A. Sharifi-Asl, K. He, H. Asayesh-Ardakani, V. Vasiraju, J. Lu, J. Mashayek, F. Klie, S. Vaddiraju, U. Schwingenschloegl, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, , Advanced Functional Materials, 26(4), 543 (2016)
  11. “Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Using Crystalline Layered Three-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfides Grown on Graphene Film,” A. Behranginia, M. Asadi, C. Liu, P Yasaei, B. Kumar, P.J. Phillips, T. Foroozan, C. Waranius, K. Kim, J.T. Abiade, R.F. Klie, L.A. Curtiss, A. Salehi-Khojin, Chemistry of Materials, 28(2), 549-555 (2016)
  12. “Cathode Based on Molybdenum Disulfide Nanoflakes for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries,” M. Asadi, B.Kumar, Liu, P.J. Phillips, P. Yasaei, A. Behranginia, P. Zapol; R.F. Klie, L.A. Curtiss, A. Salehi-Khojin, ACS Nano, 10 (2), 2167-2175 (2016)
  13. “First-principles study of size- and edge-dependent properties of MXene nanoribbons,” L. Hong, F. Klie, S. Ogut, Physical Review B, 93(11), 115412 (2016)