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In the Nanoscale Physics Group, we perform research in the areas of Materials Physics and Condensed Matter Physics. More specifically, we utilize aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to characterize the atomic and electronic structures of materials up to atomic resolution. We have developed novel in-situ characterization approaches, that allow us to quantify the local thermal expansion coefficient of materials, distinguish the effects of isotopes on the vibrational properties of molecules and quantify the spin state at liquid nitrogen temperature with atomic resolution.

Five different research areas are highlighted here: i) Model grain boundary systems for CdTe solar-cells, ii) new battery cathodes for Li-ion and multi-valent ion intercalation, iii) interfacial coupling in perovskite oxide thin films studies, iv) novel 2D materials of electro-chemistry and thermal transport applications, and v) novel approaches to in-situ TEM.