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List of Publications in 2020

  1. "Highly Conductive Collagen by Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum," Bishal, A.K., N.D. Anderson, S.K.H. Hung, J.R. Jokisaari, R.F. Klie, A. Koh, W. Abdussalam, C. Sukotjo, and C.G. Takoudis, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12(39), 44371-44380 (2020)
  2. "Chemical and bonding analysis of liquids using liquid cell electron microscopy," Ercius, P., J.A. Hachtel, and R.F. Klie, MRS Bulletin, 45(9), 761-768 (2020)
  3. Guo, J., T. Paulauskas, and R.F. Klie, STEM characterization of solar cells, in Advanced Characterization of Thin Film Solar Cells. 2020, The Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  4. "Quasi-Binary Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloys: Thermodynamic Stability Prediction, Scalable Synthesis, and Application," Hemmat, Z., J. Cavin, A. Ahmadiparidari, A. Ruckel, S. Rastegar, S.N. Misal, L. Majidi, K. Kumar, S.X. Wang, J.L. Guo, R. Dawood, F. Lagunas, P. Parajuli, A.T. Ngo, L.A. Curtiss, S.B. Cho, J. Cabana, R.F. Klie, R. Mishra, and A. Salehi-Khojin, Advanced Materials, 32(26), (2020)
  5. "Preparation of Ti2C MXene phase by ion beam sputtering and ion irradiation," Horak, P., S. Bakardjieva, J. Vacik, X. Rui, and R. Klie, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 469, 49-51 (2020)
  6. "High Capacity for Mg2+ Deintercalation in Spinel Vanadium Oxide Nanocrystals," Hu, L.H., J.R. Jokisaari, B.J. Kwon, L. Yin, S. Kim, H. Park, S.H. Lapidus, R.F. Klie, B. Key, P. Zapol, B.J. Ingram, J.T. Vaughey, and J. Cabana, ACS Energy Letters, 5(8), 2721-2727 (2020)
  7. "Controlling Nanoscale Thermal Expansion of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Alloy Engineering," Hu, X., Z. Hemmat, L. Majidi, J. Cavin, R. Mishra, A. Salehi-Khojin, S. Ogut, and R.F. Klie, Small, 16(3), 1905892 (2020)
  8. "Probing Mg Intercalation in the Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Framework V4Nb18O55," Johnson, I.D., G. Nolis, K. McColl, Y.A. Wu, D. Thornton, L.H. Hu, H.D. Yoo, J.W. Freeland, F. Cora, J.K. Cockcroft, I.P. Parkin, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, and J.A. Darr, Inorganic Chemistry, 59(14), 9783-9797 (2020)
  9. "Enhanced charge storage of nanometric z-V2O5 in Mg electrolytes," Johnson, I.D., G. Nolis, L. Yin, H.D. Yoo, P. Parajuli, A. Mukherjee, J.L. Andrews, M. Lopez, R.F. Klie, S. Banerjee, B.J. Ingram, S. Lapidus, J. Cabana, and J.A. Darr, Nanoscale, 12(43), 22150-22160 (2020)
  10. "Covalent surface modifications and superconductivity of two-dimensional metal carbide MXenes," Kamysbayev, V., A.S. Filatov, H. Hu, X. Rui, F. Lagunas, D. Wang, R.F. Klie, and D.V. Talapin, Science, 369(6506), 979-983 (2020)
  11. "High-Voltage Phosphate Cathodes for Rechargeable Ca-Ion Batteries," Kim, S., L. Yin, M.H. Lee, P. Parajuli, L. Blanc, T.T. Fister, H. Park, B.J. Kwon, B.J. Ingram, P. Zapol, R.F. Klie, K. Kang, L.F. Nazar, S.H. Lapidus, and J.T. Vaughey, ACS Energy Letters, 5(10), 3203-3211 (2020)
  12. "Intercalation of Mg into a Few-Layer Phyllomanganate in Nonaqueous Electrolytes at Room Temperature," Kwon, B.J., C. Kim, J.R. Jokisaari, H.D. Yoo, S.D. Han, S. Kim, K.C. Lau, C. Liao, Y.S. Liu, J.H. Guo, B. Key, R.F. Klie, and J. Cabana, Chemistry of Materials, 32(14), 6014-6025 (2020)
  13. "Probing Electrochemical Mg-Ion Activity in MgCr2-xVxO4 Spinel Oxides," Kwon, B.J., K.C. Lau, H. Park, Y.M.A. Wu, K.L. Hawthorne, H.F. Li, S. Kim, I.L. Bolotin, T.T. Fister, P. Zapol, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, C. Liao, S.H. Lapidus, B. Key, and J.T. Vaughey, Chemistry of Materials, 32(3), 1162-1171 (2020)
  14. "High Voltage Mg-Ion Battery Cathode via a Solid Solution Cr-Mn Spinel Oxide," Kwon, B.J., L. Yin, H. Park, P. Parajuli, K. Kumar, S. Kim, M.X. Yang, M. Murphy, P. Zapol, C. Liao, T.T. Fister, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, J.T. Vaughey, S.H. Lapidus, and B. Key, Chemistry of Materials, 32(15), 6577-6587 (2020)
  15. "Highly Active Rhenium-, Ruthenium-, and Iridium-Based Dichalcogenide Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reactions in Aprotic Media," Majidi, L., Z. Hemmat, R.E. Warburton, K. Kumar, A. Ahmadiparidari, L. Hong, J.L. Guo, P. Zapol, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, J. Greeley, L.A. Curtiss, and A. Salehi-Khojin, Chemistry of Materials, 32(7), 2764-2773 (2020)
  16. "Machine-learned impurity level prediction for semiconductors: the example of Cd-based chalcogenides," Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, A., M.Y. Toriyama, F.G. Sen, M.J. Davis, R.F. Klie, and M.K.Y. Chan, Npj Computational Materials, 6(1), (2020)
  17. "Direct Observation of Electron Beam-Induced Phase Transition in MgCrMnO4," Parajuli, P., H. Park, B.J. Kwon, J.L. Guo, B. Key, J.T. Vaughey, P. Zapol, and R.F. Klie, Chemistry of Materials, 32(24), 10456-10462 (2020)
  18. "Fundamental Insights from a Single-Crystal Sodium Iridate Battery," Tepavcevic, S., H. Zheng, D.G. Hinks, B. Key, L. Ward, Z. Lu, C. Stoumpos, Y. Ren, J.W. Freeland, C. Wolverton, P. Phillips, R. Klie, J.F. Mitchell, and N.M. Markovic, Advanced Energy Materials, 10(10), (2020)
  19. "Ion sputtering for preparation of thin MAX and MXene phases," Vacik, J., P. Horak, S. Bakardjieva, V. Bejsovec, G. Ceccio, A. Cannavo, A. Torrisi, V. Lavrentiev, and R. Klie, Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids, 175(1-2), 177-189 (2020)
  20. "Phase-Dependent Band Gap Engineering in Alloys of Metal-Semiconductor Transition Metal Dichalcogenides," Wang, S.X., J. Cavin, Z. Hemmat, K. Kumar, A. Ruckel, L. Majidi, H. Gholivand, R. Dawood, J. Cabana, N. Guisinger, R.F. Klie, F. Khalili-Araghi, R. Mishra, and A. Salehi-Khojin, Advanced Functional Materials, 30(51), (2020)