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List of Publications in 2017

  1. “Direct Investigation of Mg Intercalation into the Orthorhombic V2O5 Cathode Using Atomic-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy,” A. Mukherjee, N. Sa, P.J. Phillips, A. Burrell, J. Vaughey, andF. Klie, Chemistry of Materials, 29(5), 2218-2226 (2017)
  2. “Bio-camouflage of anatase nanoparticles explored by in situ high-resolution electron microscopy,” A.R. Ribeiro, A. Mukherjee, X. Hu, S. Shafien, R. Ghodsi, K. He, S. Gemini-Piperni, C. Wang, F. Klie, T. Shokuhfar, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, R. Borojevic, L.A. Rocha, J.M. Granjeiro, Nanoscale, 9 (30), 10684-10693 (2017)
  3. “Atomic-scale structural and electronic properties of SrTiO3/GaAs interfaces: A combined STEM-EELS and first-principles study,” L. Hong, L. K. Bhatnagar, R. Droopad, F. Klie, S. Ogut, Physical Review B 96 (3), 035311 (2017)
  4. “Charge Carriers Modulate the Bonding of Semiconductor Nanoparticle Dopants As Revealed by Time-Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy,” A. Hassan, Z. Zhang, X. Liu, C.E. Rowland, A.A. Jawaid, S. Chattopadhyay, A. Gulec, A. Shamirian, X. Zuo, F. Klie, R.D. Schaller, P. Snee, ACS Nano, 11, 10070 (2017)
  5. “Mechanism of Zn Insertion into Nanostructured δ-MnO2: A Nonaqueous Rechargeable Zn Metal Battery,” S.D. Han, S. Kim, D. Li, V. Petkov, H.D. Yoo, P.J. Phillips, H. Wang, J.J. Kim, K.L. More, B. Key, F. Klie, J. Cabana, V.R. Stamenkovic, T.T. Fister, N.M. Markovic, A.K. Burrell, S. Tepavcevic, J.T. Vaughey, Chemistry of Materials, 29 (11), 4874-4884 (2017)
  6. “Growth and characterization of β-Ga2O3 thin films by molecular beam epitaxy for deep-UV photodetectors,” S. Ghose, S. Rahman, L. Hong, J.S. Rojas-Ramirez, H. Jin, K. Park, F. Klie, R. Droopad, Journal of Applied Physics, 122 (9), 095302 (2017)
  7. “Direct characterization of the Li intercalation mechanism into α-V2O5 nanowires using in-situ transmission electron microscopy,” A. Mukherjee, H.A. Ardakani, T. Yi, J. Cabana, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, and F. Klie, Applied Physics Letters, 110(21), 213903 (2017)
  8. “Experimental verification of orbital engineering at the atomic scale: Charge transfer and symmetry breaking in nickelate heterostructures,” P.J. Phillips, X. Rui, A.B. Georgescu, A.S. Disa, P. Longo, E. Okunishi, F. Walker, C.H. Ahn, S. Ismail-Beigi, and F. Klie, Physical Review B, 95(20), 205131 (2017)
  9. “Chemical Weathering of Layered Ni-Rich Oxide Electrode Materials: Evidence for Cation Exchange,”A. Shkrob, J.A. Gilbert, P.J. Phillips, R.F. Klie, R.T. Haasch, J. Bareño, and D.P. Abraham, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 164(7), A1489-A1498 (2017)
  10. “Facet-Dependent Thermal Instability in LiCoO2,” S. Sharifi-Asl, F.A. Soto, A.M. Nie, Y.F. Yuan, H. Asayesh-Ardakani, T. Foroozan, V. Yurkiv, B. Song, F. Mashayek, F. Klie, K. Amine, J. Lu, P.B. Balbuena, and R. Shahbazian-Yassar, Nano Letters, 17(4), 2165-71 (2017)
  11. “Cd doping at PVD-CdS/CuInGaSe2 heterojunctions,” He, T. Paulauskas, P. Ercius, J. Varley, J. Bailey, G. Zapalac, D. Poplavskyy, N. Mackie, A. Bayman, D. Spaulding, R.F. Klie, V. Lordi, and A. Rockett. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 164, 128-134 (2017)
  12. “Understanding the Role of Temperature and Cathode Composition on Interface and Bulk: Optimizing Aluminum Oxide Coatings for Li-ion Cathode,” Han, T. Paulauskas, B. Key, C. Peebles, J.S. Park, R.F. Klie, J.T. Vaughey, and F. Dogan. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(17), 14769-78 (2017)
  13. “Direct evidence of M2 phase during the monoclinic-tetragonal (rutile) phase transition of W-doped VO2 nanowires,” Asayesh-Ardakani, W.T. Yao, A.M. Nie, P.M. Marley, E. Braham, R.F. Klie, S. Banerjee, and R. Shahbazian-Yassar, Applied Physics Letters, 110(5), 053107(2017)