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List of Publications in 2022

  1. "The Key Role of Tin (Sn) in Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti2SnC (M(2)AX) Thin Nanocrystalline Films and Powdered Polycrystalline Samples," Bakardjieva, S., J. Plocek, B. Ismagulov, J. Kupcik, J. Vacik, G. Ceccio, V. Lavrentiev, J. Nemecek, S. Michna, and R. Klie, Nanomaterials, 12(3), (2022)
  2. "Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Growth of Model Cathodes to Study Interfacial Ion Diffusion," Bilash, K.C., J.L. Guo, J. Farrell, G.M. Nolis, D.B. Buchholz, G. Evmenenko, J. Cabana, G.W. Crabtree, and R.F. Klie, Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9, 2201187 (2022)
  3. "Synthesis and Mg2+ deintercalation in manganese spinel nanocrystals," Hu, L.H., S. Kim, J.R. Jokisaari, G.M. Nolis, H.D. Yoo, J.W. Freeland, R.F. Klie, T.T. Fister, and J. Cabana, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 315, 123464 (2022)
  4. "Improving CdSeTe Devices With a Back Buffer Layer of CuxAlOy," Jamarkattel, M.K., A.B. Phillips, K.K. Subedi, E. Bastola, J.M. Gibbs, J.D. Friedl, S. Rijal, D. Pokhrel, R.A. Awni, D.B. Li, J. Farrell, R.F. Klie, X. Mathew, Y.F. Yan, R.J. Ellingson, and M.J. Heben, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 12(1), 16-21 (2022)
  5. "Investigation of Ca Insertion into a-MoO3 Nanoparticles for High Capacity Ca-Ion Cathodes," Kim, S., L. Yin, S.M. Bak, T.T. Fister, H. Park, P. Parajuli, J. Gim, Z.Z. Yang, R.F. Klie, P. Zapol, Y.H. Du, S.H. Lapidus, and J.T. Vaughey, Nano Letters, 22(6), 2228-2235 (2022)
  6. "Intercalation of Ca into a Highly Defective Manganese Oxide at Room Temperature," Kwon, B.J., L. Yin, C.J. Bartel, K. Kumar, P. Parajuli, J. Gim, S. Kim, Y.A. Wu, R.F. Klie, S.H. Lapidus, B. Key, G. Ceder, and J. Cabana, Chemistry of Materials, 34(2), 836-846 (2022)
  7. "Ingrained: An Automated Framework for Fusing Atomic-Scale Image Simulations into Experiments," Schwenker, E., V.S.C. Kolluru, J.L. Guo, R. Zhang, X.B. Hu, Q.C. Li, J.T. Paul, M.C. Hersam, V.P. Dravid, R. Klie, J.R. Guest, and M.K.Y. Chan, Small, 18(19), (2022)
  8. "b-V2O5 as Magnesium Intercalation Cathode," Trocoli, R., P. Parajuli, C. Frontera, A.P. Black, G.C.B. Alexander, I. Roy, M.E. Arroyo-de Dompablo, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, and M.R. Palacin, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 5(10), 11964-11969 (2022)
  9. "Radiation-induced phase separation in nanostructured Hf-In-C ternary thin films under irradiation with 200 keV Ar+ ion beam," Vacik, J., A. Cannavo, S. Bakardjieva, J. Kupcik, V. Lavrentiev, G. Ceccio, P. Horak, J. Nennecek, A. Verna, M. Parmeggianie, L. Calcagno, R. Klie, and J. Duchon, Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids, (2022)